Remote Deposit Capture

Picture this: Depositing money is easy as taking a selfie!

Remote Deposit Capture is a feature of our Mobile Banking app. It puts the Credit Union in the palm of your hands.

remote Deposit Instructions:

  • Go to Coloramo FCU mobile banking app

  • Tap the menu button in the top left-hand corner and then tap on ‘Remote Deposit’.

  • Click deposit a check

  • Review Deposit Instructions

  • Complete the electronic deposit slip

  • Click Deposit

A Remote Deposit Capture agreement is required.

Print and sign the agreement form.  Email to or return to your nearest branch location. A Coloramo representative will call you to notify you on the status if your application.

Endorsement of Checks

This is how you will want to sign the back of your check:

For Remote Deposit Capture Only

at COLORAMO FCU Acct#_________________

And signed by the Payee(s)


Prohibited Checks

You agree that checks scanned through the use of the services will not;

  • Be payable to any person or entity other than you or joint on the deposit account

  • Be prohibited by, or received in violation of, any law, rule or regulation

  • Be known or suspected (or should have known or suspected) as fraudulent or otherwise authorized by the owner of the account on which the check is drawn

  • Have been previously cashed or deposited

  • Be post - dated or stale-dated (more than six (6) months old)

  • Be payable to cash

  • There are no other duplicate images of the original check

  • You have possession of each original check deposited using the Services and no party will submit the original check(s) for payment

  • Be irregular in any way

  • No alterations on the check

  • Money Orders

  • Traveler’s Checks

  • Credit Card self issue checks

  • Federal or State checks

  • US Treasury checks

  • Insurance checks

  • Income tax refund checks

  • Bear a signature other than that of the person on whose account the check is draw

Member Eligibility

You must be a Coloramo Federal Credit Union member in good standing with a checking account that has been open and active for 60 days or more, and meet other pre-determined qualifying factors to qualify for the services. To determine if you are eligible for these Services, visit any COLORAMO FCU branch or contact a member service representative at 970-243-7280.

Transmission Deadlines/ Hours of Access

Transmissions originate from the Credit Union offices in Grand Junction Colorado. Image item deposits initiated through the System before 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time on a business day are posted to member’s account the same day, subject to funds availability. In the event that we receive an image item from you after 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time, or on a day that is not a business day, the Image item is considered as received by us the next business day. For the Remote Deposit Capture program a business day is describe as Monday through Friday, except for Federal holidays, and holidays observed by the State of Colorado. You are responsible for understanding and building into your transmission schedule the changes in transmission windows required by time changes associated with Daylight Savings Time.

Services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, although some or all services may not be available occasionally due to emergency or scheduled system maintenance. Transmission deadlines and funds availability terms and conditions apply. We agree to post notice of any extended periods of non-availability on the Remote Deposit Capture and or Credit Union website.

Check Retention Period/ Storage and Destruction of Original Checks

You agree that you will preserve the originals of all checks, processed through the services pursuant to this agreement for thirty (30) calendar days after the day of deposit (“Retention Period”). After you receive the “Deposit Successful” message/email, write “Remote Deposit Capture” on the check front along with the date of deposit. The risk of loss due to the unavailability of the original or copy of a check for any reason, during the retention period, shall be exclusively on the member.

You will be fully responsible for the destruction of the checks. You agree to use commercially reasonable method(s) to destroy original checks after the required retention period has expired. You agree to destroy and dispose of the original checks with a high degree of care, including selecting and implementing appropriate destruction and disposal procedures. We recommend that you use a crosscut shredder. You are required to implement such procedures to ensure that the original checks are not accessed by unauthorized persons during the storage, destruction and disposal process and, once destroyed, the original checks are no longer readable or capable of being reconstructed (e.g., through the use of competent shredding equipment). The risk of loss associated with the accidental inclusion of a physical check in the check collection process or with a lost, destroyed, stolen or misplaced check shall be exclusively on the member. You understand and agree that you are responsible for any loss caused by failure to secure and destroy the original check(s).