Credit Cards

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Whether you're paying for everyday expenses or making or making lifestyle investments, Coloramo's Credit Card options keeps you in control of your finances.

Compare the credit card offers you get in the mail with the Coloramo VISA Credit Card!

  • No Annual Fee

  • No Default Rates. Your rate will never go up just because you were late or accidentally went over limit.

  • No Overlimit Fee

  • Cash Advance Rate is the same as the purchase rate

  • Balance Transfer Rate is the same as the purchase rate

  • 5-day grace period after due date before late fee is assessed

  • Coloramo’s Visa Credit Cards are a great value.

Platinum Visa Card

Eagle Plat.png
  • 8.99% APR* for the Platinum Visa Card

  • Low rates

  • NO balance transfer fee

  • NO cash advance fee

  • NO annual fee

  • Fraud Alerts

Classic Visa Card

American Classic.png
  • 13.99% APR* for the Classic Visa Card

  • Low rates

  • NO balance transfer fee

  • NO cash advance fee

  • NO annual fee

  • Fraud Alerts

CO-OP Prepaid Gift Cards

Is the Gift Card Reloadable?

The Gift Card is disposable and becomes obsolete as soon as the initial value is depleted. 

Do Gift Cards expire? 

Yes. All CO-OP Gift Cards expire nine years after the date the card stock has been ordered by your credit union.  

Can a Gift Card be sold to anyone?

There is no age restriction on Gift Cards.

Must cardholders register their Gift Cards?

Gift Card registration is strongly recommended, but not required. Registration IS required for card replacement should the card be lost or stolen. Unregistered Gift Cards cannot be replaced.

Cardholders can register their cards by logging onto the website,, and following the appropriate links for registration. They will be asked to enter the card number, the three-digit security code on the back of the card, and the last four digits of their telephone number. Cardholders can also check their balance and view transaction history via the website.

Is phone support available to Gift Card holders?

Yes, cardholders can call the Gift Card Call Center 24 hours a day using the phone number on the back of the card, 866-586-4438. The Call Center can assist with:

  • Obtaining balance information

  • Dispute processing

  • Replacement of lost or stolen cards

  • Problems using the card

Where can CO-OP Gift Cards be used?

Cards may be used anywhere VISA or MasterCard debit signature transactions are accepted. Authorization requests are honored only up to the balance on the card. If the issuer system is unavailable, the request is denied.

Gift Cards cannot be used at an ATM to obtain cash.

Can a prepaid card be used in a foreign country?

Yes, Prepaid Gift Cards are accepted worldwide, excluding countries sanctioned by the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury). For a complete list of sanctioned countries, go to