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Personalize your debit or credit card

Customized cards are available to members with an open Visa® debit or credit card. Designing a debit or credit card is fun and easy with Coloramo!  Use your own photo* to personalize your card. Fees may apply.

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*Coloramo reserves the right to accept or reject any artwork, images, or logos. For example, any third party trademarks, copyrighted materials, or name, image and likeness of any public figures, will not be approved.

*For best results - The image fits best with a landscape Orientation.

*All cards must be picked up in person by the person the card is issued for. The cards cannot be mailed as they are active upon printing.

Your image must be:

  • Jpg formatted

  • Image Guidelines

    Examples of unacceptable images include, but are not limited to, images that include or depict:

    • Trademarks, logos, slogans, company names, copyrighted material or brands of any third party (including abbreviations, acronyms, logos or related symbols)
    • Advertising or promotional material, or branded products
    • Celebrities, actors, musicians, cartoons, politicians, professional sports teams or professional athletes
    • Phone numbers, addresses, URL addresses, account numbers or Personal Identification Numbers (PINS)
    • Images Coloramo deems provocative, sexual, violent, or otherwise offensive
    • Nudity or semi-nudity
    • Profanity or obscenities
    • Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, firearms
    • Images which show illegal or anti-social behavior
    • Culturally insensitive images
    • Images which display the opinions or beliefs of extreme political, religious, or socially unacceptable groups, (e.g. gangs, supremacy, etc.)
    • Images that may interfere with the security features of the card
    • All images must have the consent of the owner including those downloaded from the internet
    • People conducting or involving themselves in criminal or illegal activities, including gambling
    • Images/content demonstrating the views of anti-social, political or religious groups
    • Libelous, defamatory, sexually explicit, or other content we deem offensive, including discrimination, "hate speech," or socially unacceptable groups (gangs)
    • Material that could infringe on the copyright or trademark rights of another party, including branded products, including abbreviations, acronyms, logos or related symbols
    • Any references to the Olympic Games or events
    • Commercial solicitation or promotional material
    • Provocative, derogatory or of a sexual content
    • Racial/prejudicial or discriminatory subject matter
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By creating a customized card, you give Coloramo FCU permission to use the photograph on the card. You also assure that Coloramo FCU is risk-free of any loss, damages, liability, or costs should any be incurred directly or indirectly by the use of the photograph. *
I agree to the photo requirements stated above. *

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