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How to Protect Yourself

If you are contacted by someone saying they are with Coloramo and you don't recognize the person or feel uncomfortable, ask their name so you can call them right back with a number you know to be Coloramo's.

NEVER respond to requests for information unless you initiated the request. This includes requests via e-mail, phone, text messaging, or through the mail.

Thank you for trusting Coloramo with your savings, checking, paychecks, and loans! In turn, we want to help you keep your money out of the hands of thieves. Criminals have come up with some very convincing scams to lure you into giving them your personal information that can lead to identity theft or emptying your accounts.

Follow these tips to keep your money and personal information safe:

On your computer:

Best practices on Spyware Prevention and Detection

While you may have taken steps to protect your computer, many firewall and anti-virus software packages do not protect computers from one of the latest threats, “spyware” – a form of software that collects personal and confidential information about you without your knowledge or informed consent, and reports it to a third party.

You can prevent and detect spyware by:

These tips will help keep your computer free from spyware intrusions. For more information on how to keep your computer clean, visit

Rise in Financial Crimes - At Coloramo, we are noticing a definite rise in Financial Crimes.

There has NEVER been an internal breach at Coloramo.   Your accounts are safe from computer hackers at the server level at Coloramo. Don’t confuse the safety of your money at Coloramo with the safety precautions you need to take to safeguard your account.

Protect your account!

Remember that debit card purchases come out of your checking account immediately. If fraud were to take place with your debit card, you may not notice right away that money is being siphoned from your account.

We recommend you use your credit card, instead. With a credit card, charges appear and you see a statement before you pay it. Plus, criminals don’t have access to your checking account, just your credit limit.

Whether you use a debit or credit card, you can dispute an unauthorized charge by submitting a completed police report to the card department at Coloramo or with whom you have your card. This takes time, so you can see how the use of a credit card would be better than having money out of your checking account while the charge is being investigated.

Local scams

More and more members come to us because their accounts have been compromised. People go to use their debit card only to discover the transaction is declined. Upon further investigation, they find out that their account has been wiped out.

There are crime rings that are sending people to work in Grand Junction restaurants to collect debit card and credit card numbers. Once copied, wire transfers of funds from your account are wired to Las Vegas or California. Don’t let your card out of your sight. Take your card to the counter and watch them swipe it, or use cash or a credit card.

Based upon our conversations with the Police, they encourage anyone who has had their card compromised, to report it to the Police Department. If you live in the Grand Junction area, go to   Type ‘Financial Crime’ in the Search field. Select the first search result. Click on the Financial Crime Reporting Instructions link in the light green box on the right-hand side.  Read the instructions and fill out the appropriate forms and turn them in to the Grand Junction Police Department. Make certain you have notified the pertinent financial institutions, such as Coloramo, your bank, Credit Card Company, or any other merchants as appropriate for the crime.  The decision to close accounts is a matter between you and your financial institution.

Again, no one has hacked into Coloramo’s computers and stolen money. It is your responsibility to monitor your accounts and let us know immediately if unauthorized transactions have occurred, and to take steps to close cards or accounts to prevent further losses. Coloramo is not responsible for criminals gaining access to your account due to the use of your debit or credit card, at ATMs, or on the internet.

Identity Theft Tips

Identity Theft Is Quickly Becoming One Of The Most Organized And Costly Crimes Of Our Time

Before submitting personal information on a website, look for the yellow padlock secure symbol on the bottom of your browser window to ensure you are in secure mode.

Example shown here: 

Be aware of scam emails, even if the sender email address looks legitimate. Online financial institutions will never email you asking for your credit card information, your driver’s license number, your password, or any other personal information. These emails may even provide a website link to visit to submit your information. Do not click these, but rather visit the site by typing in your bank’s website address yourself or by using your bookmarks. The scam emails sometimes provide convincing website addresses that look very similar to the legitimate address.

For example when comparing:    to

These look very similar.   However the first site is coloramo (with the letter l in the address) rather than co1oramo (with the number l in the address). Fake sites can be set up to harvest your passwords and personal information.

Keep your computer up-to-date by regularly updating the security patches made available by your software vendors.

Firewalls:  Reduce the risk of being hacked by using a firewall. Here are three free ones you can try (one will do):

Anti-Virus: Also keep your computer protected against viruses. Here are three free software programs for you to try. Pick one that works best for you:

Passwords: Never use the same passwords, always use a different password for each site. Don’t use passwords that are easy to guess and use a variety of letters (both capital & small letters), numbers, and symbols. Example Password: vCuiKQ$6&%3P

Keep your passwords tucked away in an encrypted password keeper. Three free ones to try are here:


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